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The current situation

Tanzania is among countries that were affected by Covid-19 pandemic although number of  reported cases is very low and no death case recorded recently.

Economic activities including Tourism are back into its normal state while citizens advised to closely adhere with Covid-19 health guidelines as recommended by World Health Organization (WHO) and Tanzania Ministry of Health including social distancing, wearing of mask, regular hand wash and sanitizing and to avoid unnecessary gatherings COVID UPDATES-The current situation in Tanzania

Dear travelers,
Following decrease in number of COVID-19 cases, Tanzania Government has introduced new safety and health guidelines especially for the tourist entering the country.

*All tourists MUST have NEGATIVE covid-19 test from their respective countries. However, at the airport, you will be supposed to be tested again, the cost vary from $25 to $50
*Tourist entering Tanzania from countries with high covid-19 cases will be subjected to 14- days self quarantine, expenses upon tourist.
*Before departure, you will be subjected to test COVID-19 again, and results will come out within 72-hours or 3 days after, if you will be detected with covid-19 symptoms you will be quarantined for 14 days
*Kindly contact us for any suggestion or more updates about COVID-19 in Tanzania


Things to consider if you are planning to visit Tanzania during this Pandemic.

Advise to our esteemed customers

  • It seems like covid-19 is here to stay with us, do not cancel your trip to Tanzania, just take caution adhere with covid-19 health guidelines before, during and after travel.
  • Fly direct to Kilimanjaro airport, do not take public transport, bring your own mask and hand sanitizer and refrain from going to crowded places.
  • If possible, avoid group joining tours, for this case, private tours are highly recommended.
  • During Kilimanjaro climbing, self accommodation is advised; avoid shared accommodation especially in a tent.
  • Always remember to adhere with covid-19 guidelines and procedures.
  • Do not hesitate to ask us further about covid-19 situation in Tanzania any time.

All our staffs at Nyayo Tours have tested negative covid-19 and undergo special training about covid-19 health guidelines and protectionism.  All of our safari vehicles are sprayed and sanitized.

Under this situation,

-Nyayo Tours will operate only private tour, lower its price and booking terms to 10% as a stimulus package and settle fully refund if a client decided to cancel the tour.