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Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro – Is It Worth?

Is mounting Kilimanjaro worthwhile?

Kilimanjaro, the highest African mountain with its iconic peak is one of the most popular destinations in Tanzania for world people and almost everyone visiting this land for a real African essence keep it on their bucket list .

For those of you thinking of Climbing Kilimanjaro on your Tanzania Safari it is worthwhile to know some of the information that is absolutely necessary for a pleasant and stress-free hiking.

Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro – Is It Worth?

Kilimanjaro is said to be the “Everyman’s Everest” and this is why there has been a tremendous hike in the number of the Kilimanjaro hikers over the decades. A survey states that approximately more than 38,000 numbers of people are trying to Kilimanjaro and the success rate is quite good.

Mountaineering is a unique experience and nothing can be more rewarding than attending the summit of a mountain after much effort. It is really exciting beyond imagination. Those who love mountaineering: Kilimanjaro can be a better option for them for its accessibility and less training requirement.

What makes Kilimanjaro worthy to climb?


Why do people Climb Kilimanjaro is a question having the varied answers. Some climb it for fun and some for raising fund and some other for bringing pride to their countrymen but most climb it to memorise some of the special event of their life or any such thing happened in the life of some other persons in their family. For example Kilimanjaro Climbing is done for memorising the marriage, the birth day of the son or daughter or for something that you don’t need to forget in your lifetime. When you would mark your victory on Kilimanjaro summit of any incident automatically this would be an ever memorable matter for you and your family as well.

Easy Approachability:

Kilimanjaro is not a remote destination like many a world famous National Parks In Tanzania. Many direct flights have been connected to Kilimanjaro Airport: some are flaying on daily basis and some after a specific interval. Most of the African countries like Ethiopia and Rwanda have everyday direct flight connection to this airport. In comparison to other African countries; Tanzania provides some of the cheap airline connections which makes easier for those Travelling Africa On Budget. From Kilimanjaro Airport: you can hire a taxi or the bus transfer to Moshi town or Arusha is a good option.

Routes And Views:

Kilimanjaro is having the maximum numbers of routes officially six and almost all the routes are almost filled with the vast scenic views that would make the climbers to feel like a nature safari while climbing. The varied vegetations, the differentiate climatic zones, the endemic flora and fauna and the stunning landscapes are some of the objects that would make your climbing worthy enough. Listening the myth about the origin of the mountain from the dwellers inhabiting here is fabulous. The amazing culture and the life style of this tribe residing in mountainous region of Kilimanjaro would appeal to everyone. Their cohabitation in peace with the African wilds would mesmerise you.

No Training:

If you would think of climbing the other summits, naturally you have to undergo for a rigorous training for a long time and sometime it may be highly expensive for you. But in case of Kilimanjaro, we recommend for a minor training in which only you would be taught how would you survive at the higher altitudes. Prior to one month of your climbing you can practice for a hour or two in any of the local hills available near your house. Remember Kilimanjaro Climbing is not strenuous not a technical thing, rather it needs the strong determination or will power than the physical strength.

No Expensive Gadget:

If you would think of any other summit than Kilimanjaro, then you have to spend a lot on the gadget: mostly on rope and other things. But for Kilimanjaro Climbing you only need perfect attire to survive in the cooler regions at higher altitudes and your camera and the battery to captivate the vast beauty of the mountain you are going to encounter on your way to summit. And most importantly if you want your guide can help you hiring many of the gadgets from agencies those are doing such business. This would be the best way to keep your Kilimanjaro Climbing on budget.

A Blending Experience:

Kilimanjaro is climbed not for obtaining the climbing adventure rather you can blend the experience of many types of African tours in it starting from nature to culture. The moment you would pass through the various eco-zones to the summit, naturally the changing landscapes with varied flora and fauna would captivate your soul. Your encounter with the endemic animals and the tribe living on it make your tour more cultural than adventurous. The fantastic sites along the winding track to the summit would compel you to captivate them in your camera frame. Mostly the moment you would find yourself on the lunar like surface on its summit you would feel you are either on a photographic or on a nature safari.

Chilling In Zanzibar:

Everyone knows that mountaineering is a tedious afire that need a lot of both mental and physical strength. Yet thousands of people try it every year for various reasons. The visitors know that after strenuous climbing there are the fantastic Zanzibar Beaches which provide a grand opportunity of relaxation after the hectic trekking. Your entire mental and physical trauma would vanish the moment you would lay on the golden beaches of Zanzibar Island when the sun will be sinking down on the horizon changing the hue of the Indian Ocean. The marine rich food at the beach front restaurants and the exciting history of the Stone Town would make you so relax that you would forget to every of the pain that you had undertaken for climbing this mountain.

Self Respect:

Persons Climbing Kilimanjaro is always considered as the extraordinary people having some speciality in them. Those who successfully complete the summiting create a special honour for them and when they return home are praised by all starting from family to the state and even the country. Within a fraction of second of their arrival in their homeland they come to the lime light and bring glory for their family and region as well. Being treated as a special one in the home land is an incredible experience that no other can feel except the victorious one.

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